Don't fly by the seat of your pants

It's important to know you don't need to fly by the seat of your pants on your wedding day. When booking a professional hair and makeup artist for your wedding, you should be able to rely on her to provide a schedule for services.

Key information:

1. The number of services you are requesting. Everyone who wants services should be listed, including the kind of style they leaning toward. Up-do's take longer than simply curls. Makeup styles can vary on the amount of time needed for application. Tell the artist if anyone wants faux lashes. Lashes can add an additional 10 - 15 minutes per person. Extra time is also needed for clip in hair extensions or working with anyone with hair extensions, or wigs. Last minute services is usually not possible given the artist has a set schedule.

2. The service location is also essential information needed when booking an artist. This is for brides wanting on site services. Most often the service location is different than the ceremony location, but not always. If the ceremony/venue are the same as service location, it is important to find out what time the bridal suite is available on the wedding day. Some venues are very accommodating with time availability on site. Some venues only allow several hours before the ceremony. The time restriction works fine if you want to get dressed at the venue. But, getting a bridal party hair and makeup done on site with limited availability isn't an option. With the service location and ceremony/venue location the artist can estimate the travel time in between those two locations.

3. Your ceremony time and any professional pre-ceremony photography ie. first look, wedding party, help to anchor the "camera ready" time. Confirming with your photographer on the time he/she wants to start the first look is also key information the artist should know. The artists schedule should include the brides dress time even if it takes place at a different location, as I mentioned above. Average dress time is 30 minutes for zip up backs or 45 minutes for corseted dresses.

4. The artist can figure the time needed for the services and provide a detailed hair and makeup schedule. Everyone should know their appointed time.

Other considerations: the artist can correspond her schedule with wedding planner, or wedding day coordinator, hiring more than one company to provide hair and makeup services, any time restrictions for ladies getting services, plus any other details involved in the hair and makeup process.

Most important, it is a day of the union of a couple in love and the celebration with family and friends. Breath, relax and enjoy all the special moments.

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