Kristin Ariniello Makeup and Hair

Kristin Ariniello Makeup and Hair

Enchant Your Beauty


Being open to the balance between talent and technique, the brides unique beauty, and her style and vision, inspires me to create an individual experience and illuminating results. The talent came early on in my life. I was just 15 years old when I found my natural talent. The technique has been honed over 20 years of doing hair and makeup. The thousands of faces, the unique canvases, the artist applying the art. Makeup, brushes, and sponges, are essential to the craft. The hair, oh the hair, lots and lots of hair. The comb, the spray, endless bobby pins, the heated hair utensil in one form or another. All an extension to my craft. It must be the fairy god-mother in me wanting to embellish and enchant the beauty that lies within all of us. The wedding is the brides and grooms spirit releasing its harmony in love. Hence, the bride on her wedding day inspires me with her own unique beauty, style, and vision.  I collect many details that help me to absorb the nuances of her wedding day. The brides hair and makeup ideals, dress style, color, flowers, hair accessory, wedding colors/theme, bridesmaids dress color and style, ceremony location, and venue give me the additional background I need. Finally, her vision of hair and makeup.  It can be a series of photo's she emails me or her pinterest link that reveals her hair and makeup interests. This special attention to detail helps me to create the illuminating balance that lets her shine. The many compliments that follow remind her she is a radiant, vibrate, and a beautiful women and soon to be wife.

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