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Chapped, Peeling Lips Be Gone!!

Okay, here we are again on fixing those lip issues. Lips are one of the focal points of your face. Especially, when your getting married. The kiss at the end of the ceremony is a much anticipated event.

So, you have the power to correct the neglect you have given to your lips. Because, planning the wedding has taken over your life. Completely understandable. 

Find a toothbrush you can use for this tip: Put some vaseline on your designated toothbrush and start gently brushing your lips. Gently please. If the dry skin has built up it will take several sessions of this to help remedy the situation. A night time routine would probably work best, since the skin repair is most prevelant during sleep.

Next: Liberally apply some of that lip balm (of you choice) you now have on your night stand. You can put it in a little decorative box so others don't decide they need it more than you. 

Stay hydrated. I know, drinking water over and over everyday sounds cleiche. I even have to tell myself to drink water everyday.  Create a pattern by drinking your first glass of water when you wake up. OR, after the first cup of coffee. Keep drinking water every couple hours. 

Finally, products are coming out for exfoliating lips. I just did a wedding where one of the bridesmaids had some by Smashbox. If I remember correctly. It came in a tube. Just apply a small amount and gently rub into lips. 

Hope those tips help you to have the best pucker possible!!


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