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Kristin Ariniello Makeup and Hair

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Beauty Obsession vs Beauty Freedom

     You don't have to grow up in the modeling industry to know how beauty obsessed we are in this culture. It is everywhere. Yes, we can get carried away with always trying to live up to the standard that the beauty industry creates.  When taken to the extreme, it can cause much internal pain and suffering. Let's rethink this ladies. I believe we can shift our thinking to make it all work in our favor and enjoy the freedom to choose what we really want in our own lives. There is an endless array of cosmetic products and fashion available all the time and constantly changing. It is easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed.

     First and foremost,  we need to focus inside ourselves. I know it can seem less painful if we just look outside ourselves for the answer but, leaving us feeling lost. We are individuals, we are diverse, we see things differently. We need to respect that in ourselves and in others. We can define our style from the inside out. Remember when you were little and your friend asked you "what is your favorite color or colors?" and you were able to answer that with confidence. Or, when you saw our favorite flower and became excited. We would pick it and savor it's beauty by bringing it home, putting it in water, and hoping it would last forever. Well, those are reflections of our inner wonder, fascination, and beauty. We enjoy certain textures over others. We see things at different angles and different light. We are constantly learning about ourselves, growing, and changing. We need to stop trying to put ourselves in a mold and start molding ourselves from our own discoveries. It is more fun that way. It is true freedom of self expression.  When your lost or feeling overwhelmed by the media image of beauty, just look inside and explore and define the wonder that is you.


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